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Reporting to get to know each other and develop together.

Act One: The start
Sustainability has a central position for the Schur Flexibles Group and we position ourselves as a Sustainable Leader in our industry.

Transparency and trust are therefore particularly important. That is why, in 2019, we decided to create a sustainability report in accordance with the GRI standard.

The goal was to collect and present the many individual sustainability initiatives of our 22 companies and to analyze their relevance for (and with) our stakeholders.
This task required sensitivity in collecting data and dealing with the various peculiarities from 22 production sites, as well as expertise and experience in preparing a report – especially the first one. Therefore, the management decided to bring external consulting help for the project to the side of the sustainability team of the Schur Flexibles Group.
We decided to work with Terra Institute. With the preparation of the report, we continued to pursue the goal of bringing the young group of companies closer together through the topic of “sustainability” and to confirm and further motivate interest in this central topic. We initiated the “BluePrint” team with the project assignment of drafting the first sustainability report by the end of 2020.

Act Two: The Adventure
After the first face-to-face meetings, it became clear how many aspects needed to be thought of. The templates from the Terra Institute helped us a lot approach this task in a structured way. However, due to the pandemic, we quickly had to shift contact to on-line meetings. Even if we had our “Jour Fixe” only every 14 days, it turned out that we quickly worked out common results. In addition, we had some longer workshops, which were very productive. In the course of 2020, the project group got to know and appreciate each other better and better – and this was also reflected in a very positive working atmosphere. The team “lived” the shared values – open and honest communication, goal setting / commitment, structured working methods and practical relevance. This also enabled existing data to be processed for the first time in an overall collection. The biggest challenges were the data collection in our own company… When we saw the content in the layout for the first time and looked at the calendar, we were sure that we would reach the goal.


A purpose that gives direction and strength.

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The need for sustainable tourism and the opportunities we have.

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Together for the climate.

Terra Institute

Our journey with banks and ESG profiling.

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