Comprensorio di Carezza
Together for the climate.

Act One: The Departure
Nature and the environment are our most important resources.

By joining turntozero (former “Climate Neutrality Pact”) and initiating a sustainability process dedicated to our area at the foot of the Rosengarten, we wanted to make our contribution to raising awareness for the topic of sustainability and climate protection.

We want to create a future-oriented mountain experience for all four seasons and we want to analyse it from an ecological, economic and social point of view.

Through conscious management we want to increase attractiveness and quality.

The sustainability process and the adhesion to turntozero (former “Climate Neutrality Pact”) are useful tools for our development, because now it allows us to review every business decision in relation to our impact – positive and negative – on the SDGs.

When we started out, I did not have a clear objective in mind, because to me, there cannot be something fixed in this field: it is an ongoing process that leads to being a more “sustainable” company.

Act Two: The adventure
Implementation is not complete, but it is an ongoing process. 

My experience is that putting the analysed and established actions into practice is always the biggest challenge. In theory, many things seem simple and consistent, but when it comes to implementation, there are always new facets to consider.

In my opinion, the key to success lies in motivating and raising awareness among employees and stakeholders in the area. The idea of sustainability will only prevail if it is lived by a large majority in the company and the region.

However, we do not want to give up, but continue to nurture what we have started. What pleased me most was the fact that the vast majority of employees and stakeholders were enthusiastic about the topic of sustainability right from the start and, above all, willing to build together.


Act three: The return, but to the new
We have achieved concrete results: switching to 100 per cent renewable electricity, reducing electricity consumption by around 25 per cent, reducing fuel used by around 20 per cent, car pooling managed directly by employees.

Every business decision is now examined in terms of ecological, economic and social sustainability. This leads to exciting results. 

My advice? By all means, start the process, be happy already with the small successes and don’t believe that everything will become more “sustainable” overnight. The important thing is that the direction is right and that you start thinking about every decision in terms of connections and consequences.

Maria Gufler, Marketing & Sports – Carezza Dolomites

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