Nuova Saimpa
A vision that guides and empowers.

Act one: The start
When we embarked on the journey, we already had in mind the issue of sustainability in the sector in which we operate: the future of plastics.

We were wondering how to generate added value and we had the ambition to promote innovation in the sector that was not only technical, but also linked to sustainability.

The intention to embark on this path was initially linked mainly to environmental aspects and social responsibility, but we have verified along the way how it can also have strategic relevance at an economic level.
It is a systemic dimension: it can and must create prosperity for all, that is the main concept.

Act two: The adventure

On the way to sustainability, we paid special attention to developing the whole organisation around people.

Everyone has found his or her place: the employees, the managers, the consultants who accompany us on this journey.

The biggest challenge? We tried to promote a network linked to the themes of circularity, but it didn’t work as we hoped. The situation is still immature in some respects.
But this journey has helped us to understand that every innovative approach requires someone to take responsibility for pioneering the way forward.
The greatest satisfaction? The development of those responsible, through a tailor-made approach.
It was challenging and exciting.
We have realised that identity comes before collaboration, and this is the work we are currently completing. But it’s not just that, it’s something broader: the thought of sustainable development has now become the backdrop for all thinking within the company. In every area we find something that can be improved.
It has become an attitude.

Act three: The “return”, but to the new 
The big leap took place in the mindset.

.This is a personal success for us as entrepreneurs, because we really believe in the new approach, but it is also an achievement for the company as a whole. We hope to involve more and more of our customers by becoming concrete testimonials of the benefits that sustainability can bring to any business.

In a global context that is rewriting the definition of ‘normality’, sustainability has helped us not to lose our overall direction because we already had well-defined objectives and a way forward, and this has given us the strength to continue with our planned work. We were able to move forward. The path in sustainability made us realise our resilience. I pushed the guys to work through the storm of the lockdown well oriented to the goals with the feeling that we can weather the storms by moving together along the plotted coordinates. 

Sustainability helped us to have a compass.

Eva Danieli and Marco Saletti, Owners and managers – Nuova Saimpa

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