Our feelings significantly influence the outcome of our actions.
Questioning our beliefs brings new awareness,
and creates space for divergent thinking sense of freedom to re-think the organisation.

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Organisational, cultural and personal development

Personal development and coaching
The new challenges that the present brings us, the new skills required, the uncertainty we face, the need to find our place in a rapidly evolving world, create the need to seek systemic answers and resources. For these reasons we propose an approach to personal development based on the systemic-constructivist model, which allows us to connect to a broader vision of reality and to draw on our resources in relation to the ecosystem in which we live.
Collaborative Learning
Structuring training courses to integrate and evolve existing skills within the organisation is a challenge for many companies. Collaborative learning is a training model that allows this to be achieved: it allows learning to take place at different levels, through peer-to-peer spaces, with the help of a facilitator and supervisor, and within one’s own working environment. The result is a particularly effective learning process for oneself, for the company and for the group one works with.
Open Leadership
The need for guidance and direction is most keenly felt at times of greater personal and social uncertainty. In a complex world with an increasingly hyper-connected, digital and globalised economic and relationship fabric, leadership is evolving to become more open and capable of impacting broad and dynamic networks. This is why we propose to companies a broad, attuned approach to leadership aimed at developing a new systemic awareness.
Talent management
People are the real engine of the organisation but often companies are not yet structured to enhance their talents. This leads to the risk of significant loss or undervaluation of existing value, with repercussions on employees and the company itself. Developing organisational design paths to bring out and harness the talents of employees can make a company more flexible, profitable and resilient.
Change management
The difficulties we are experiencing in positioning ourselves within the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ relate to the impossibility of clearly identifying what the future holds. On the one hand, we move reactively, based on what emerges in the short term, but on the other hand we know that this will not help us. In fact, we need systemic responses, covering a broader time horizon. In response to these difficulties, we offer tools, processes and skills to review the paradigms of “doing business” at all levels: individual, strategic, organisational, cultural.

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