Do you want to transform your role as a Consultant?

The Terra Consulting Community is the network of Sustainable Development Consultants we are building, a network in which we collaborate closely with each other, compare our experiences, share innovative tools, learn and grow together, encourage each other and increase our effectiveness in the marketplace.

We, Terra Institute, have made a clear choice: to commit ourselves to ensuring that the economy, society and nature can achieve the right balance in a sustainable and regenerative way. In this time of great change, we consultants are called upon to play a fundamental role: to support entrepreneurs, managers, and local government leaders to become part of the solution to the current crises, helping to drive change in the global system.
We must, therefore, accelerate the pace, create more impact. And we need you.

We invite you to join the Terra Consulting Community, because only by working together can we make a difference.

Why become a sustainable development consultant?
This decade is decisive for the future of life on our planet. In line with the Next Generation EU, the Green Deal and the SDGs, consultants are called upon to acquire new competencies to create the structural conditions for companies and institutions to implement and manage these far-reaching changes.
What skills are indispensable for the future?
Based on our decades of experience in sustainability consulting, we have developed the STS – Smart Terra Solutions digital tools: a portfolio of efficient tools that will help you evolve your consulting skills and complement your existing skills in your specific area. The STS tools aim to open up companies to sustainability issues and address the challenges of the future in a professional and structured way.
What are the advantages for me?
This invitation comes from the desire to offer a new perspective to those who feel the desire to grow and the need to transform themselves but do not have specific or sufficient expertise in sustainability and the circular economy.

We provide you with Terra Institute’s experience, strategic processes and digital tools (STS – Smart Terra Solutions) so that you can complete your consulting offer to companies by including these important and urgent topics.

We believe it is easier and more effective to address these challenges within a network, the Terra Consulting Community, and with the support of our expertise.

Who are we looking for?
Groups of consultants, individual professionals, accountants, coaches and trainers who want to combine their expertise in sustainable management and the right tools to accompany companies, organisations and local authorities in the circular and sustainable transition, offering proven and innovative approaches, methods and strategic paths
What skills and attitudes are needed to start on this path?
There are no particular prerequisite skills. If you wish to become a Sustainable Development Consultant and join the Terra Consulting Community, you should already have experience in business consulting, either on an individual or agency level.

You are a curious individual, open to new things, eager to plan the future of your business, aware of the transformations that the post-crisis recovery will require and of the global social, environmental and economic challenges.

Is it a CSR or sustainability course or is it something different?
We offer you something profoundly different. What we offer is a perspective for your future as a Consultant.

The first phase of the course includes training on sustainability and the circular economy, but unlike purely theoretical courses, it focuses on learning methods, consulting processes (and related “tools”) designed to accompany companies that want to become sustainable.

Once you have completed the basic training, you will join a network, the Terra Consulting Community, and will be accompanied and supported in your consultancy activities around sustainability issues.


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