Finance and sustainability are two areas that have often been at odds with each other. But regulating the course of investments is a key tool for transition.
It nurtures sustainability and resilience.
And what is the role companies have to play in this transition?

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Sustainable Finance

Taxonomy screening
The European Financial Taxonomy and the TCFD are classification tool that help investors and companies make informed investment decisions on sustainable economic activities. They help grow the clean economy of the future and improve the environmental performance of companies. By understanding how well a company’s operations are aligned with these principles, the company’s position in terms of risk mitigation and leverage can be strengthened.
ESG-Risk Assessment
Sustainability risks are events or conditions in the environmental (E from “environment”), social (S from “social”) or governance (G from “governance”) spheres, the occurrence of which can have a negative impact on a company’s financial position, performance and reputation. Our ESG-Risk Assessment tool assesses the exposure to and management of environmental, social and governance risks. This is complemented by two other functionalities: a company-wide carbon footprint calculation and a comprehensive comparison with the content and objectives of the European Green Deal, TCFD and SDGs, allowing the company to identify those to which it is contributing most and which can be effectively integrated into the business strategy. A company that is aware of its exposure to ESG risks can anticipate, and is likely to anticipate, events that could challenge its economic and reputation stability.

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