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Inner Development Guide Compact

21 hours live in 7 modules with Vera Steisslinger, Jutta Böttcher, and Evelyn Oberleiter
Time period: March 23, 2023 till June 15, 2023

7 modules every Thursday from 5.00 pm till 8.00 pm

Costs: 650,00 € + VAT

Free impulse presentation on the inner development goals
on March 1, 2023 at 1 pm
with Vera Steisslinger, Jutta Böttcher and Evelyn Oberleiter

“The outside influences the inside, the inside conditions the outside.”

Blended Learning Course for Leaders

Rapidly advancing climate change, unstable societies and economies, and high overall complexity are creating ever-increasing transformational pressures for companies and their leaders. In order to successfully make the transition to a regenerative way of living and doing business, leaders must be able, for the most part, to be in a sphere of power and trust and to think and act from it. To do this, leaders need not only a strategic roadmap but also effective “inner” work. This is what the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) stand for.

This course with experts from Aurum Cordis and the Terra Institute on the IDGs offers both information and experience on working with these inner qualities. It serves not only to avoid an energy-sapping gap between high personal commitment and desired effectiveness, but also offers initial ideas on how working with the Inner Development Goals can support the effective implementation of the SDGs. 

Here’s the link to the detailed program: Brochure



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