Make the SDGs our business!
by Alice Piccolo

This has been our motto since the beginning of the SDGs Labs project. After more than two years of collaboration with our colleagues from partner organizations across Europe, we are happy to announce that the project is in its final phase and the result of this work will soon be available online!

The Co-Learning Labs were attended by 17 representatives from large local agri-food companies, farming and hospitality associations, EURAC, the Free University of Bolzano, the Laimburg Agricultural Experimental Station, politicians, and NGOs. Together, we explored the SDGs and the possibilities of their practical implementation in online workshops. In the “Innovation Labs”, we were guests of the Hinteregger family and employees from Lüsner Hof. The workshops focused on the meaning and practical application of the innovation concept. We first immersed ourselves in the world of the SDGs with the participants to create a common ground and subsequently developed innovative ideas for sustainability projects and actions for the hotel.

But there is more news! The experiences and insights gathered in these workshops have provided us with valuable material for the “SDGs Academy” online platform, which aims to provide content such as best practice videos, workshop designs, quizzes, informational materials, etc. to companies and startups interested in integrating the SDGs into their work. We are currently working on finalizing the platform. Once it is ready, we will let you know how to access it!

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